Can the core team and DAO unlock an ocean of value in private data? Their 2022 goal is 1→N 💪

The way we swap crypto-assets is becoming more abstracted each day, but for some, wrapped coins and synthetics are not secure enough. THORChain may have a solution.

OlympusDAO is tackling one of the greatest challenges of the crypto ecosystem — Unpegging DeFi from fiat currencies — through a DAO-governed treasury that’s expanding quickly and creating the right participation incentives to keep the gods happy.

Immortality113, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Ethereum. Its original and primary purpose is to allow for efficient cryptocurrency trading and accommodate high annual interest returns on crypto funds deposited into Curve Finance by liquidity providers (LPs).

A grassroots 🌱 DeFi Blue Chip that values inclusiveness while building in the open. Beyond its controversial origin story, Sushi has shown resilience in the face of criticism, industry sentiment swings, and Vulture Capital.

The perpetual futures market is by far the largest in crypto, and centralized exchanges like FTX, Binance, and BitMEX currently dominate it.

Investigating why the likes of a16z, Naval Ravikant, and Polychain would be interested in yet another Layer-1 Ethereum competitor.

Avalanche Logo


  • Avalanche ($AVAX) is a project by Ava Labs. It is currently led by Cornell Professor Emin Gün Sirer, who founded Avalanche in partnership with Kevin Sekniqi and Maofan Yin. The project released a mainnet in September 2020, after more than a year in development.
  • Ava Labs has raised approximately $60M…

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